“There is no security in this world, only opportunity.” -Douglas MacArthur

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COL Mournbringer Sagan
Commanding Officer
MOS: Spy
Alias: "The Dreadnaut", "The Reaper", "The Cleaner", "Desert Wraith", "Star Child", "Special Agent", Jane, Jem, Jiga, Justice, "Made Man", Lara
Quote: "If you can see me you're already dead."
"As a matter of fact I DO have a license to kill."

Home: Los Angeles, CA, USA

LT Titania Sagan

MOS: Guardian
Alias: Big Red
Quote: "And now I'm going to beat you with my ugly stick!" (with Russian accent and emphasis on wrong word)
Home: KeMepoBo, Russia
(Cousin to Nadia)

LT Nadia Sagan

MOS: Grenadier
Alias: BBQ
Quote: "This is going to burn a little..." (with Russian accent)
Home: KeMepoBo, Russia
(Cousin to Titania)

LT Dashiel Lusk

MOS: Sniper
Alias: Dash
Quote: "Reach out and touch someone."
Home: San Diego, CA, USA
(Cousin to Nova)

LT Nova Lusk

MOS: Spy
Alias: Mata Hari, Slow Play, Shade, Blind Date
Quote: "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?"
Home: Austin, TX, USA

SGT Röthe Sagan

MOS: Soldier
Alias: Der Eisern Mann
Quote: "Lebend frei oder sterben."
Home: Augsburg, Bavaria, Deutschland

SGT Helene Lusk

MOS: Biotechnician
Alias: Hell
Quote: "No Comment"
Home: Deadwood, SD, USA
(Twin sister to Karma)

CPL Karma Lusk

MOS: Commando
Alias: Calamity Jane, Dime, Booster, Gunner's Daughter
Quote: "Do you want to live forever?"
Home: Deadwood, SD, USA
(Twin sister to Helene)

CPL Elle Lusk

MOS: Specialist
Alias: Fizz
Quote: "Dych chi'n moyn dawnsio gyda fi?"
Home: Caernarfon, Gwynedd, UK

PVT Pike Sagan

MOS: Specialist
Alias: Thrax Snack
Quote: "I once taught a Thrax how to make a Margarita."
Home: Sandusky, OH, USA

LT Mynte Marroer
Missing In Action
MOS: Engineer
Quote: "No Comment"
Home: Sparrowbush, NY, USA

LT Karlyn Radyr
Missing In Action
MOS: Guardian
Alias: Hopscotch
Quote: "No Comment"
Home: Earth

LT Renladorie Marroer
Missing In Action
MOS: Biotechnician
Alias: Ren
Quote: "In pace requiescat"
Home: Deep Creek Lake (Oakland), MD, USA

LT Karyssa Radyr
Missing In Action
MOS: Guardian
Quote: "No Comment"
Home: Earth

LT Ebithe Marroer
Killed In Action
MOS: Demolitionist
Alias: Bleu
Quote: "No Comment"
Home: Blowing Rock, NC, USA

LT Laveta Marroer
Killed In Action
MOS: Guardian
Alias: C.O.D.
Quote: "A day without blood is like a day without sunshine"
Home: Hathor Zi


PVT = Private (lvl 1-14)

CPL = Corporal (lvl 15-19)

SGT = Sergent (lvl 20-24)

SSGT = Staff Sergent (lvl 25-29)

LT = Lieutenant (lvl 30-34)

CAPT = Captain (lvl 35-39)

MAJ = Major (lvl 40-44)

LTCOL = Lieutenant Colonel (lvl 45-49)

COL = Colonel (lvl 50)

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