Constantina Nobel

CEO & Founder of Naked Dance Corp.

Exotic Dancer With A Shuttle
I am a corporation of 1.
Business ID # GMS-1421-77

Passport # DG-124-681-990-233-412
Citizenship: Gallentine
Home Region: Essence
Home System: Duripant
Home: Duripant VII, Federal Navy Academy School (Go Navy)
Sex: Female
Age: 21
Date of Birth: 26 January
Height: 157cm (5'2")
Weight: 53.5kg (118 lb)
Eye Color: Copper
Hair Color: Red
Hobby: Exotic Dancing

Having graduated from the Naval Academy and being given my Pilot's license I've decided that a career in the Forces was not for me.
I've packed my bags and am taking my dancing skills to the clubs in low-sec to bring entertainment to the hardened souls who dwell there.
I've followed the adventures of INNOMINATE NIGHTMARE and "The 0.0 Experiment" and he has inspired me.
Perhaps we'll meet brother pilot.

Places I've visited...
Eve Gate (big glowing hole in the sky) (28 January 2007)
Amarr Prime (home of slavery) (13 February 2007)

If you are a pirate, assassin, murderer, canibal or other violent fetishist please get it over with quickly so I can collect my insurance and get on my way.
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Page updated 13 February 2007